6 places that will make you speechless in Prague

  in General - October 3, 2014

Prague is a great city which has a great number of attractions like the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and Petřin Hill. Since 1992, it has selected as one of the members of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The city centre is full of tourists every day. During your visit you can check some places where you’ll be sightseeing the entire area or you can enjoy of the theater, music and all kind of cultural events. Here we list our recommendations for you:

  1. Prague Castle: It’s the most significant Czech monument and the largest Castle Complex in the world. It’s compounded of several Roman-style buildings and Gothic modifications. You can enjoy of the changing guards ceremony every noon.
  2. Charles Bridge: The famous & historic bridge has been connecting the Prague Castle with the Old Town since the 15th century. It’s considered one of the most beautiful civil gothic-style buildings in the world, and you can enjoy the view of the Vltava River and its surroundings from the bridge during all the moments of the day.
  3. Wenceslas Square: One of the main city squares and the hub of business and many cultural demonstrations, celebrations, and public gatherings in the new town of Prague. It’s named after Saint Wenceslas, the patron saint of Bohemia.
  4. Old Town Square: It’s the historic square of Prague. You’ll love to watch the Prague Astronomical Clock, the Gothic Tyn Church and Baroque St. Nicholas Church. This square is between Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge.
  5. Petřin Hill: It rises 130 meters above the river and you can go by the Furnicular or walking. It has a tower, an observatory, a great garden and one of the best views of Prague.
  6. Vyšehrad: It’s a historical fort and it has the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Vysehrad Cemetery and one of the oldest surviving buildings, the Rotunda of St. Martin from the 11th century. The fort is a hill and you’ll appreciate another perspective of the city.

Of course, this city has more beautiful landscapes and places but if you just have a reduced time, you cannot lose the opportunity to go to the sites we mentioned above. And of course, don’t forget to take great pictures :D.

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