Kindgine: How did it start?

  in General - October 3, 2014

Since October 2013, I’ve been living in Prague, Czech Republic. During my first months I was always walking around the city, enjoying the landscapes and streets and taking pictures everywhere, even to the simplest stuffs.

Prague is definitely a great city and has great landscapes. Furthermore, during those moments of walking around the city, you can see a lot of tourists and observing everyone taking pictures I had an Aha moment. I wondered if people could send their pictures to their friends and family while they were in a tourist place.

On the other hand, I’ve been always interested in creating or participating in startups related to the solution of social problems (Poverty, Children with Poor Nutrition, Lack of Education, and other main problems). And it came with the idea to allow people to take pictures with their phones, get personalized postcards, share with their families and friends, and collaborate with a local nonprofit. It’s where Kindgine came to mind.

One Picture to Help!

Actually, I could say thanks to the book “Talk More and Do Less” by Francis Dierick, to give me the knowledge to start observing my surroundings for possible opportunities. During that time, I started to collect ideas while walking around the city and writing it down in one notebook of FOREWEAR. One of the ideas was “One Picture to Help!” which is now called Kindgine.

The name came after a session of brainstorming with a paper and a pencil, so I decided to mix the words Kindness + Engine = Kindgine, expressing the idea to generate help through a single action that we all do while travelling, taking pictures.


Figure 1. FOREWEAR Notebook.

Idea Validation

Although I still believe the project will be validated when the market starts to use the first version, I decided to follow the advices from the book and go to the street. Ask tourists if they would like to get their pictures made into postcards and collaborate with a social cause. The interviews were successful and I got other insights too.

I made an online survey as well and I got responses from more than 90 people in Prague. At the same time, I was arranging meetings with nonprofits like Doctors without Frontiers and Charitas Praha. All of these processes confirmed the project and the possibility to continue.

Drawings & Wireframes

I started to make drawings in my notebook about the application and here I can show the results (yeah, they’re not really nice, but they have been really helpful).


Figure 2. Pictures Feed Drawings.


 Figure 3. Nonprofit Profile Drawings.


Figure 4. Profile Drawings.


After the drawings, the next steps were: Where the application would be develop, make the branding and application design. Since I’m an Android Developer, it took this path, got help to make the backend, and storage the information in CouchDB. All of this process has taken at least 4 months.

First Release

Finally, the process arrived to show the first version to the public (as the screenshots you can see in our website). We plan to release a Beta version during December 2014 and engage people with the concept of the startup, the nonprofits causes and the enjoyment of sharing your memories while travelling. Although, we’ll be activating an Early Adopters Program and you could use the application before December. We hope to get more feedback from you. You’ll be part of this great story and we’ll be thankful.

Finally, Welcome to Kindgine Time. Take pics, share and make a positive impact.

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