What about sending postcards while travelling?

  in General - October 3, 2014

Nowadays, it looks like old fashion to use the traditional communications (Letters, Postcards, Fax, Phone Calls) to reach someone because this is the Social Networks Era where you can instantly share with hundreds or thousands of people while doing any other activity or enjoying of your trip.

Although, there are people who are using letters or postcards to send a message because it has a different meaning in the current world. Here are some of the reasons why they are doing it and why you can make it as well, at least while you’re in a trip:

1. Keep track of your trip: You can send postcards to yourself and get a report of your trip when you come back home. You could record information about every place you visit with some of the following questions:

What were you doing that moment?

What’s the meaning of the picture?

How is the environment?

With whom were you enjoying the moment?

What was your favorite thing about that moment?

2. Decorate family/friends houses: You’ll make feel special to this people because you’re remembering them while you’re travelling and they’ll appreciate the gift as a treasure and decoration for their houses.

3. Build relationships: Sending a postcard is meaningful and better than a digital message because you take the time to go and look for a postcard (take one picture with us or any other tool), write a great message and go to the post office while you were abroad, what it means this person means something for you.

What do you think? Do you need any other reason to share your memories with your family and friends while you’re abroad? Please share with us a message if you have any other reason or just to say hi! Or you can send us a postcard, it would be great!

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