5 Travel Bloggers who encourage you to follow the Adventures

  in General - May 5, 2015

These are men and women who decided to go around the world discovering every corner of it and enjoying their path as much as possible.

Luckily, they share their experiences and adventures in their Blogs and encourage you to take your backpack and travel around too.

  • Indie Traveller: If you want to get information of a traveler who has been going around over 10 years, living new experiences and walking on interesting paths, you can check the adventures and guides he has prepared for you.


To some, travel means sunbathing on the deck of a cruise ship while getting a massage. That’s nice, but it’s not for me. @IndieTravlr


  • Triphackr: Get insights to make your next adventure more affordable, easier to move and get the best experiences in the location you are traveling to, thanks to the advices of Clint. He has been travelling to more than 80 countries and you can learn plenty of travel hackings in his Blog.


It is about getting the most out of your travel experiences, using travel hacks, and finding the best resources available to book a great trip. @Triphackr


  • BackPackMe: Ashray & Zara has been traveling around after they decided to leave Dubai and they haven’t stop since then. You can check their great stories and see how a couple can live a good life traveling and having new experiences in daily basis. They have been rooted in different parts (West and East) of the world and bring unique perspectives to their adventures.


We are travelers with a mission. Our mission is to circle the globe and TAKE YOU WITH US! That’s what Backpack Me is all about. @BackPackMe


  • Anna Everywhere: Anna, originally from Poland, brings her solo travel experiences. You can check information about Culinary Experiences, Wildlife, Extreme Sports and Luxury Adventures around all the globe.


My blog is meant to show you my experiences and explain things I’m familiar with. I call myself ‘smart luxury solo female traveler’. @AnnaEverywhere


  • BreatheDreamGo: Mariellen started the blog in August 2009 inspired by her extensive trip in India. You can get deep insights about this great country through her writings and get knowledge about life transformation experiences you can make too.

Come along with me and find inspiration to live your travel dreams. @Breathedreamgo


Check these amazing sources of Travel Experiences and start planning your own inspired by these travellers. Let us know what do you think about these sites through @kindgine or the comments below. Furthermore, you can see beautiful pictures from all around the world in our Instagram.

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