Day trip to Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

During the past weekend, I got the opportunity to go to a nice town which can send you to the Medieval Times. It combines a great architecture with the magic of Vtlava River and great landscapes. The town is called Český Krumlov, it’s located at the South of Czech Republic and if you go from Prague, you can travel […]

  in General - May 19, 2015

5 Travel Bloggers who encourage you to follow the Adventures

These are men and women who decided to go around the world discovering every corner of it and enjoying their path as much as possible.

  in General - May 5, 2015

5 Travel Gifts Any Frequent Traveler would love

If you have a person in your circles who is frequently travelling, you will get some of the best travel gift ideas to make him jump and plan his next trip as soon as possible.

  in General - April 23, 2015

Hannah and her new born baby

St. Charles Lwanga Buikwe Hospital has continued to assist patients with complicated issues and challenges. Among those who benefited from the charity fund for poor and the needy were Hannah and her new born baby.

  in General - November 4, 2014

What about sending postcards while travelling?

Nowadays, it looks like old fashion to use the traditional communications (Letters, Postcards, Fax, Phone Calls) to reach someone because this is the Social Networks Era where you can instantly share with hundreds or thousands of people while doing any other activity or enjoying of your trip. Although, there are people who are using letters […]

  in General - October 3, 2014

6 places that will make you speechless in Prague

Prague is a great city which has a great number of attractions like the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and Petřin Hill. Since 1992, it has selected as one of the members of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city centre is full of tourists every day. During your visit you can check […]

  in General - October 3, 2014

Kindgine: How did it start?

Since October 2013, I’ve been living in Prague, Czech Republic. During my first months I was always walking around the city, enjoying the landscapes and streets and taking pictures everywhere, even to the simplest stuffs.

  in General - October 3, 2014

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